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Library Circulation Histories Workshop 

Keynote (Released April 19) 

Mark Towsey, History Now is the Favourite Reading: From Library Circulation Records to A History of Reading.

Discussant: Frank Felsenstein, Ball State University

Panels (Panels 1-6 released on April 20)

Panel 1: Building and Sustaining Databases 

Frank Felsenstein, The What Middletown Read Database as an On-Line Resource for Gauging Readership Trends in Late Nineteenth-Century America: J.T. Trowbridge’s The Tinkham Brothers’ Tide-Mill as Exemplar 

Julieanne Lamond, The Legacy Database and the Question of the “Representative” Reader 

Rafael Acosta, University of Kansas

Panel 2:  Eighteenth-Century Readers and Circulation Data 

Kyle Roberts, Growing Pains and Digital Library Projects:  The Opportunities and Challenges of Follow-on Initiatives  

Matthew Sangster and Katie Halsey, Books and Borrowing Across Scotland, 1750-1830 

Discussant: Mike Sanders, Manchester University

Panel 3:  Placing Readers and Reading in Context 

Christine Pawley, Linking Ordinary Readers with Texts–and More!: American Public Libraries and the Infrastructure of Print 

John Shanahan and Robin Burke, Modeling Contemporary Reading Behavior at City-Scale:  The “Reading Chicago Reading” Project   

Discussant: Melanie Walsh, Cornell University

Panel 4:  Circulation Data Beyond the Library 

Jennifer Burek Pierce, Reading Data Documenting 21st Century Reading:  Vlogbrothers, The Nerdfighter Census, and Actual Readers 

Brooks E. Hefner and Edward Timke, Circulating American Magazines: Lessons from the Audit Bureau of Circulations Data 

Discussant: Kalani Craig, Indiana University

Panel 5:  Using What Middletown Read 

Lynne Tatlock, Steve Pentecost, Doug Knox, Reading the American South in the Muncie Library 

Alexander Leslie, Patterns and Predictability in Borrower Behavior 

Discussant: Jordan Bratt, Ball State University

Panel 6:  From RED to READ-IT 

Edmund King, Looking Back on The Reading Experience Database, 1450-1945 

Shafquat Towheed, From UK-RED to READ-IT (2018-2021):  Insights and Challenges for the Future 

Discussant: Doug Seefeldt, Clemson University

Plenary Session (To be released on April 27) 

James Connolly, Circulation Histories: Initial Findings 

Discussion forums for each panel remain open through April 30.