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Frank Felsenstein

Frank Felsenstein is the Reed D. Voran Professor of Humanities Emeritus at Ball State University. Felsenstein is the author of Anti-Semitic Stereotypes (Johns Hopkins UP, 1995) and English Trader, Indian Maid (Johns Hopkins UP, 1999). He edited Tobias Smollett’s Travels through France and Italy (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1979), which has gone through seven editions, most recently with Broadview Press (2011), and a translation into Japanese (2016). Felsenstein was co-director of the What Middletown Read project, and co-author with James J. Connolly of What Middletown Read (U. Mass. Press, 2015), and with Connolly and others Print Culture Histories Beyond the Metropolis (U. Toronto Press, 2016). His continuing research is based on the refugee experience of his parents in the late 1930s when they were refugees from Nazi Germany. The provisional title of the work is “No Life Without You”: A Refugee Love Story.”