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Kyle Roberts

Kyle Roberts is the Associate Director of Library & Museum Programming of the American Philosophical Society (APS) Library & Museum. Prior to coming to the APS Library & Museum, Dr. Roberts was an Associate Professor of Public History and New Media and Director of the Center for Textual Studies and Digital Humanities at Loyola University Chicago (2011-2019). A scholar of Atlantic World religion, print, and library history, he is the author of Evangelical Gotham: Religion and the Making of New York City, 1783-1860 (Chicago, 2016) and the co-editor, with Stephen Schloesser, of Crossings and Dwellings: Restored Jesuits, Women Religious, American Experience 1814-2014 (Brill, 2017) and, with Mark Towsey, of Before the Public Library: Reading, Community, and Identity in the Atlantic World, 1650-1850 (Brill, 2017).

Dr. Roberts is an accomplished public historian and digital humanist. He is the Project Director of the Jesuit Libraries Project, an initiative to recreate Loyola’s first library catalogue in a virtual library system, and the Jesuit Libraries Provenance Project, a virtual archive and participatory community dedicated to the study the history of acquisition and use of books in Jesuit colleges, houses, and universities. As a postdoctoral fellow at Queen Mary, University of London from 2009-2011, he worked with a team of researchers, archivists, and technical advisors to create Dissenting Academies Online: Virtual Library System, an innovative reconstruction of the holdings and borrowings of the leading English dissenting academies. In addition to being the consultant for numerous digital and public history projects, he sits on the Executive Committee of the American Catholic Historical Association.